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TechnologicalByte's Repository.
Content I made available to view, share, or download.

On this page, you'll find resources that I made available for people to view, share, or download. Check them out in these three categories!


Programs, such as executables, simple batch files, driver files, you name it.

Images, Videos, and Sounds.

Images, whether it's still or animated. Also some random video files with a side of sound files to boot.

Random stuff.

Excerpts, random stuff from my videos, sample html files used, some outtakes, etc.

Do note! I won't be sharing every content, such as video project files, licensed music or content, rendered videos (since it's on YouTube that you can just watch there), and of course personal files!

My socials, cuz why the heck not:

Other stuff:

This is my website!

Website's changelog for you curious minded people out there! ;)

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