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Programs, such as executables, simple batch files, driver files, you name it.

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The "glitchy" VMware Display Driver.

A WDDM driver used in my "Windows vista, are you okay?" video that made the graphics go all crazy. Free to use for your virtual machine, I guess.

(This driver is WDDM and 64-bit only)

WARNING! If you attempt to install this driver on Windows 8 and later, you may have a very hard time using the virtual machine or experience complete black-out. You've been warned!

"A Dot Game" .COM file.

This command file for 32-bit versions of Windows NT using the NTVDM compatibility layer and COMMAND.COM running on Windows 9x, makes the cursor go all nuts because of a weird thing I found that causes that to happen. This command file is 100% safe, I promise.

Due to the nature of this strange .com file, on Windows NT based systems, your CPU utilization may go up to 100% because of a weird NTVDM thing, but enjoy as the cursor on the screen go nuts!

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