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Random Stuff.
Excerpts, random stuff from my videos, sample html files used, some outtakes, etc.

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ActiveX Test Page.

Using an older version of Internet Explorer? Check out this page to test AciveX.

Microsoft Agent Test Page.

Go here to test out Microsoft Agent. Have its character speak to you and do other things. Only works with Internet Explorer!

My old repository page.

Just in case someone wants to take a look at my old repository page, formerly known as "Test page" and "Sample page". Some links may not work anymore due to some pages being swapped around. The page is simply an archive and will never be updated.

Face reveal.

OHMYGOD! NO WAY! CAN THIS BE?!?!??! (Best played using Windows Media Player 6 and later).

My socials, cuz why the heck not:

Other stuff:

This is my website!

Website's changelog for you curious minded people out there! ;)

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