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Images, Videos, and Sounds.
Images, whether it's still or animated. Also some random video files with a side of sound files to boot.

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My 88x31 Box Creations.

Remember those old websites that use those little small buttons on the bottom of the page, and sometimes it animates? Good times. Check out some of my creations there.

My Music Tracker Collection.

You already know that I am a huge fan of music trackers in the mid 2000s and over time, I have collected and composed many music trackers that you can find here. If you don't know how to play music tracker files, I also provided a lossless wave file for your enjoyment.

"HOW DA HELL U DO DIS?" Video Clip.

An .mp4 media file of Jamie Gold shouting "HOW DA HELL YOU DO THIS?"

Windows Media Player 6 Sample Clips.

Sample clips made by Microsoft for use for Windows Media player 6. Check out some of the sample clips here.

Fangad Aven Korvring (OMFGDOGS music).

The music used for OMFGDOGS which was actually composed by ArachnO using a music tracker software. The original song was performed by Carola at the 1991 Sweden Eurovision. This is a wave file, over 100 megabytes because this is the highest quality, far higher than the ones uploaded to YouTube.

That Konqi Wallpaper from Windows 95.

What started from an old friend of mine back in early 2021 joking about Konqi on Windows 95, I decided to use this wallpaper as my Windows 95 VM's background, which some people were apparent to notice and asked me for the wallpaper file. Well, here you go folks!

Bitmap file, best used for Windows 95.

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